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Connectivity of smart terminal device with car's built-in device allows the driver to use only those functions of a mobile device that will not interfere with the driver. Benefits are also reflected in the number of applications that can be used while driving, and the use of the latest services. Thus provides a complete package of services, and one of the examples of such systems is the MyLink infotainment system.

For this research, an outsourced MyLink system is implemented in the vehicle Chevrolet Cruze [20]. Typical architecture of connecting mobile terminal device with built-in car unit is visible in Fig.

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Development of hardware and software equipment has led to an increase in the functionality of smart mobile devices. One of the application possibilities and upgrades of such devices is presented in this paper - the ability of voice recognition.

This research has shown how smart terminal devices represent a huge potential in traffic, primarily through the ability to manage, control and communicate exclusively using speech. Technical solutions include application packages which easily create additional value for smart terminal devices through the use of speech recognition. The largest contribution of the use of smart terminal devices is shown by the possibility of their integration with the built-in car system and using functionalities of smart terminal devices that will not interfere with the driver while driving.

Thereby is changing the basic work mode of smart terminal devices and uses speech for commands and communication between device and human. This research shows application possibilities and a large number of functionalities that can be performed by using smart terminal devices and speech recognition in the car. The biggest advantage of that sort of communication is the freedom of the driver driver's hands and eyes , and his greater focus on the driving process.

New and better application possibilities of speech recognition on mobile terminal devices are being developed every day. This paper represents an overview of the functionality and usability of voice recognition in the traffic environment. Further research as a continuation of this paper will focus on a comparison of various application packages that enable speech recognition on smart terminal devices, primarily in traffic environment.

Concretely, for future research with a comparative analysis of the above mentioned MyLink infotainment system and with it the current advanced systems like Ford Sync , will be studied and their impact on the safety of traffic participants, compatibility with most existing models of smart mobile terminal devices and their availability and reliability through daily use in a real traffic environment.

Unikomerc-Cars Ltd. Abstract of research paper on Computer and information sciences, author of scientific article — Sinisa Husnjak, Dragan Perakovic, Ivan Jovovic Abstract The ability to recognize human speech has always been an area of interest of people primarily because of the large range of applications in almost every segment of society. Similar topics of scientific paper in Computer and information sciences , author of scholarly article — Sinisa Husnjak, Dragan Perakovic, Ivan Jovovic Opportunities and challenges of smart mobile applications in transportation.

Marketing insights for mobile advertising and consumer segmentation in the cloud era: A Q—R hybrid methodology and practices.

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Selection and peer-review under responsibility of DAAAM International Vienna Keywords: Voice recognition; smart terminal devices; mobile applications; car user interface; driving safety 1. Published by Elsevier Ltd. Voice recognition systems According to [1], voice recognition is the ability of a machine or program to identify words and phrases in spoken language and convert them to a machine-readable format.

The architecture of a typical voice recognition system, [2]. Table 1. Possible causes of acoustic variations in speech, [3]. Gender b. Voice quality Speaker c. Dialect d. Speaking rate a.

Advances in Speech Recognition: Mobile Environments, Call Centers and Clinics (2010)

Electrical noise Microphone b. Distortion c. Directional characteristics a. Other speakers Noise b.

Background noise c. Reverberations a. Distortion Channel b.

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Noise Echoes d. Dropouts For voice recognition systems it is crucial to establish methods that are robust against voice variations due to individuality, the physical and psychological condition of the speaker, telephone sets, microphones, network characteristics, background noise, speaking styles etc. Main causes of acoustic variations in speech, [3].

Functionality and usage of smartphone devices Although there is no exact definition of what a smart terminal device smartphone is, it can be said that smartphone is a device that extends the capabilities of conventional mobile terminal device [5]. Global smartphone shipments from to in million units , [11].

R&D Tax Credits for Hybrid Call Centers - Airline, Hotel, and Car Rental Industries

Need to look to decide if a message is Messaging b. Check messages at stop lights Keep phone low, so moving eyes more a. Need to pick up device to decide if call is Voice calls b. Need to pick it up to look at it Put it in dashboard blocking the instruments Multimedia a. Listening to streaming music from smartphone apps Awkward to control app while driving c. Speakers on phone are too quiet; want to connect to their car stereo speakers 4. Application possibilities Availability of computer processing power and network connectivity in cars and mobile terminal devices has led to an explosion of available applications and services for users.

The aim of those solutions is to develop a software solution that will provide as many functions which can use human speech, as the only the most important interface for input and data output. Table 3. Popular voice recognition applications, [16]. Due to the today's means of communication and the need for greater mobility of people it seems practical the use of mobile devices while driving a car.

Advantages and disadvantages of integrating smartphones into cars. In such instances, and in many others, machine translation and information retrieval and the other functions of natural language processing cry out for a wholly integrated approach so that they can derive benefit from the corpora of knowledge and research methods provided by these other disciplines. This indeed is the contribution of cognitive science to the field of NLP today. Workshop Program Committee. No dependencies, no limits.

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